Curriculum Vitae

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Doctor of Philosophy, Physical Chemistry. In progress, expected 2023.

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry. Portland State University, June 2017.
Bachelor of Arts, double major in Physics and Liberal Studies. Portland State University, June 2017

Associate of Science, Transfer Program. Portland Community College, May 2013.

Research interests

My general interest is in the fundamental relationship between material structure and properties.

Specific topics of interest include nanostructure and nanoscale materials, intercalation compounds, metal-organic frameworks, solid electrolytes, radio-voltaic materials, energy materials, aerospace applications, and multi-functional materials. My current research is focused on heat-shielding materials for aerospace vehicles in low Earth orbit.

Sample Work

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Other Interests

Past experience includes desktop publishing & graphic design, professional training, management, business analysis and consulting, network operations, and website development. I enjoy photography, digital art and design, cooking, science communication, and writing essays.