No Borders on Stolen Lands International Juried Exhibition

I just received news that my latest work of digital art entitled “No Borders on Stolen Stars” has been accepted into the No Borders on Stolen Land International Juried Art Exhibition.

This exhibition is curated by Mariano Gonzales, Professor of Art, Printmaking, Illustration & Foundations at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

This work has not been shown before now and will appear for the first time in the online exhibit from October 12 through November 15. Please plan to look at my work during the exhibition at

I will also be in attendance at the online opening reception, which will include awards and a panel discussion. Event link:

No Borders on Stolen Land International Juried Art Exhibition

This exhibition is sponsored by the following organizations:

Native Movement is a grassroots and Indigenous-led organization dedicated to building people power, rooted in an Indigenized worldview, toward healthy, sustainable, & just communities for ALL. Native Movement works to dismantle oppressive systems for all, and that endeavor to ensure social justice, Indigenous Peoples’ rights, and the rights of Mother Earth.

Out North is a progressive multi-arts organization that advances contemporary art in Anchorage, supports under-represented voices, and promotes cultural dialogue and community conversations. Out North is committed to developing programming that addresses the challenges we face in these turbulent times in ways that promote understanding, dialogue, respect and furthers a more equitable community. Out North amplifies alternative voices.

Sol de Medianoche is a bilingual newspaper serving Latinos in Alaska. Their mission is to inform, educate, and unite the community.

Anchorage DSA is a political and member-based organization–not a party–with the vision of a more democratic and humane society, free of the oppression of bosses, borders, and capitalism. The Anchorage DSA is part of a network of community-based DSA chapters committed to fighting for environmental justice, gender and racial justice, housing justice, and the empowerment of working people.

The sponsoring organizations offer the following statement about this exhibition:

We are a coalition of organizations and individuals brought together by a shared desire to respond to the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. We recognize that colonially imposed political boundaries continue to disregard Indigenous communities and institutions that have operated in transitional zones for hundreds to thousands of years. The current crisis at our southern border illuminates the violence inherent in these artificial divides.

We will not be complicit in the inhumane conditions of detention centers and wish to stand in solidarity with all of those suffering at the hands of ICE. We call for an end to deportations, family separations, and incarcerations. We will not tolerate xenophobia, homophobia, cultural appropriation, or bigotry of any kind.

We acknowledge that we are in the ancestral and unceded traditional territory of the Dena’ina Peoples, known today as Anchorage. The Indigenous peoples of this land never surrendered lands or resources to Russia or the United States. We acknowledge this not only in thanks to the Indigenous communities who have held relationship with this land for generations but also in recognition of the historical and ongoing legacy of colonialism. Additionally, we acknowledge this as a point of reflection for us all as we work towards dismantling colonial practices.

No one is illegal on stolen land.

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