I regard you as aberrant, and I greatly enjoy your companionship.

Parody lyrics: Die Antwoord’s I Fink U Freeky


Libidinous young men,
ornate lads,
youths who do not conform to approved standards of behavior:

I regard you as aberrant, and I greatly enjoy your companionship. [x4]

I fink u freeky and I like you a lotPeople get intoxicated from the elixir of my presence.
See if you can identify the person who is causing this gathering to be exciting.
Phosphorescent, psychedelic dance party,
oscillating halo, it’s pleasant and odd.
Ho there! Damage and discard the institutions of society.
My own institutions furiously practice onanism upon their very countenance.
Adopt my perspective and enjoy these activities with me; now you are at home, and your home is a paradise.
Ho there! to my male companion, the mouse.
Increase the amplification of your wave drivers, for heaven’s sake.
Look, we are speaking rhythmically and nicely along with the percussion.
Meanwhile, these young men who behave badly enjoy striking my fundament with the palms of their hands.
The popularity of my band-mates and I grows in a way that is comparable to both
the burgeoning popularity of an iconic bubblegum brand, and to the growth of a bubblegum bubble
which then explodes, presently covering your visage!
Ho there! damage and destroy the competitive and dehumanizing normative behaviors;
my approach is rhythmic speech and electronic dance parties.
My companions and I appear young and attractive, so nothing else matters.
This much should be so obvious that if you thought otherwise I would be incredulous.
I am the sort of woman who spends time with aloof, fashionable people
whose behavior sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.

I regard you as aberrant, and I greatly enjoy your companionship. [x8]

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